From time to time, all of us find ourselves needing to know that someone cares. At this exciting, growing fellowship of Central Baptist church, we genuinely care. From newborns through the senior adult years, there are special ministries designed to aid in spiritual growth and fellowship.

Central strives to be an authentic family in every sense of the word.  The church is to be a community of people living in genuine love for one another.  This family community is at the very heart of what it means to be a New Testament church.  All true community is formation around something, or a person. 

We are a community that is committed to be based around the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are lots of things we could do as a church, but this standard limits us to doing things that exalt Jesus Christ and to carry the His message to others locally and around the world.  Some of the ministries that exist to cultivate an authentic community here at Central include:


The online version of our church directory is available only to church members and is password protected.  If you would like access to the online directory click on the button to the right and request a profile. 




The ministries that make our church a family vary.  Below you will read about just some of the ministries that meet regularly for fellowship, service, and learning together.

  • Sunday School- We realize people are not just looking to join a “friendly” church, but people want to be a part of a place where they can have friends that they can identify with in life-situation and growing in maturity as a Christian.  That is why we offer a place for everyone to meet together weekly for a time of fellowship and learn life-application lessons from the Bible.  Meeting together in small groups is necessary for relationships to flourish.  We have groups for all ages, singles, college, couples & senior adults.  Click here for a directory of all our classes and locations!


  • Senior Adults- This ministry enjoys getting together to worship the Lord through fellowship.  Several times a year, our senior’s have a chance to get out and enjoy lunches and dinners or sight-seeing opportunities where they can get together with others. A Branson trip along with Valentine’s and Christmas Banquets are highlights of the year for many!  If you are looking for a group of mature adults your age to befriend, then our Senior Adult Ministry is a great group to be involved in.
  • Connections- Is our Women's ministry that seeks to encourage ladies of all ages by way of Bible studies, mentoring, attending various conferences.  They have a vibrant prayer ministry that meets regularly and a service ministry that seeks to minister to our community in things like a annual Christmas store to help make sure every child has a gift on Christmas day!


These are just a few of the ministries and opportunities available at Central Baptist that make us a family.  We hope you would get involved in one of these or the many others that we have available.  Contact our office for more information about any of these ministries.